Useful Contacts

Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations

Implements the Child Care Management System – Child Care Benefits

Townsville Commonwealth Centre
143 Walker Street

Phone: 47532600


Department of Communities

Licenses and regulates Family Day Care through the Child Care Regulations 2003. Copies of the Child Care Act 2002, Child Care Regulations 2003 and Handbook on Family Day Care Licensing are available at our office or Dept of Communities website.

P.O. Box 5941 MC
Townsville Qld 4814

Phone: 47997110


Family Assistance Office

Parents should contact to this department for information and to make an application for Child Care Benefits.

Application forms are available from our office.

Local office:
Macmillan Street
Ayr Qld 4807

Phone: 136150


Family Day Care Association of Queensland

The FDC Association provides support and resources to co-ordinators, sponsors, parents and educators. This organisation also provides representation on behalf of these parties at a State level.

Phone: 07 3395 7044            


Family Day Care Australia

Consists of two representatives from each state and looks at national issues affecting all groups in Family Day Care.

02 43244853


Queensland Family Day Care Providers Association

This association represents Queensland Family Day Care Educators and looks at conditions and issues in-home based care.

07 5546 8687