Susan Norris

Susan Norris

Hi ! I am Susan Norris. I am married to my husband Merv, together we have 8 children between us and 16 grandchildren.

So when I am not doing Day Care we have plenty of grandkids to visit.


I really enjoy caring for the kids in my care, they are all special.

Our day is relaxed and flexible, in between all the usual daily routines like eating and sleep, we manage to fit in a lot of fun.


With the young children we paint, draw, ride bikes, play with playdough, and go to the Schemes playgroup sessions.

Sometimes other children come to play at our house with their care provider.

For a special treat we might go to the park and McDonalds for an ice cream.


When the after school kids arrive we have afternoon tea, do our homework and play outside with the balls, sandpit, swings or just relax with Susan.


I look forward to caring for your children if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.