Peta Kennedy

Staff-Peta Kennedy

Hello my name is Peta Kennedy, I am a mother of three and have lived in the Burdekin all my life.
I find the Burdekin to be a great place to raise children.


I have chosen to work as a Family Day Care Educator because I believe in home environment care.


Having only 4 children under 4 I get to know their likes and dislikes, strengths and help with weaknesses.


In our day we have many activities both fun and educational including: painting, cutting and gluing, puzzles, blocks, home corner, bead threading, story time, dancing and singing and more importantly the freedom to be themselves and the opportunity to be creative.


Outside we have: swings, cubby house, bubbles, water play, obstacle course, cricket, ball play and finding animals/insects to observe and talk about.


Being a Day Care Educator gives me a sense of pride that families can feel safe that their children can have a fun, friendly and educational care in my home.
There is no better feeling knowing I have a helping hand in the important steps for your children to become happy and confident in life.


With the new Australian Early Years Learning Framework that all Educators now follow I can guarantee your children will have a high quality fun educational care.