Natalie Vasta

Natalie Vasta

I’m Natalie and I am a Childcare Educator.

I have worked in the childcare industry for over 10 years.

During this time I have grown as an educator and have learnt so much, whilst watching the children in my care grow, learn and thrive in all developmental aspects.


Throughout my childcare career have I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of personalities, developmental levels and age groups.


I really enjoy watching children develop confidence and self identities in their younger years, these are the crucial years of a child’s life and I feel privileged to share in and be apart of these many little lives!


My aims and goals include providing the children in my care with positive learning/play experiences and building positive relationships with children and families in my care.


Children have the right to BE who they wish to be, seek and make meaning of the world, each child is an individual and should be treated so.

Children have the right to BECOME the best version of themselves possible, they should be encouraged to do so through positive role modelling.

Children have the right to BELONG in their environments, in society, they shall achieve this through exploration of the world around them, when a child belongs it shapes not only who they are but also who they can become!


I will aid all my children in care to achieve this.

My environments will be full of opportunities for learning, interacting, exploring, independence, inclusion, equality, confidence, social activity, imagination, exceeding the limits, risk taking, challenging themselves, age/stage appropriate experiences, engagement, encouragement, care/empathy/respect/love for others and many more.


I offer myself as a guide and role model to young children and will provide quality care and learning to the best of my potential and abilities.



My program and daily routines will follow the ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming – Early Years Learning Framework’ along with my very own strong Family values and beliefs.

I believe every child has the right to learn and develop at their own pace and I aim to be there every step of the way, catering to each individuals needs, strengths and abilities.

We all have the right to be accepted for WHO WE ARE!

I look forward to developing life long bonds and relationships with my children and families.