Role of the Coordinators

1. To develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that each child using the scheme is placed in the home of the most appropriate Educators available, taking into account the:

  • Developmental needs of the child
  • Compatibility of the educator and family/parent.
  • Proximity of parents home/work to the educator
  • Ages of other children in care
  • Overall workload of the educator and household

2. To develop and implement procedures for the recruitment and assessment of Educators and their homes and families.

3. To visit educators as often as necessary to provide support and assistance and to ensure that the quality of care is being maintained.

4. To identify and assist in meeting Educator’s needs including in-service training and equipment needs.

5. To develop effective procedures to meet each child’s needs

6. To develop and implement effective referral procedures to ensure that a child who has needs that cannot be met by the scheme is provided with appropriate assistance.

Role of the Educators

Educators are people who come from a variety of backgrounds and are selected on the basis of their ability to provide quality care for children in a safe home environment.

Educators should demonstrate an appropriate understanding of children’s needs and development, including for example: –

  • The individual differences between children
  • Learning opportunities that stimulate a child’s growth and development
  • The child’s need for appropriate nutrition, health, hygiene and safety practices and standards
  • The child’s need for appropriate and acceptable behaviour management techniques