Relationships in Family Day Care

From now on you will be sharing the care and responsibility for your child with somebody else – your educator. It is very important that parents and educators have information on a day-to-day basis about children in care.


Separation difficulties occur in many family day care situations and the settling in period can be difficult not only for the child, but for the parent and the educator. The needs of all three should be considered.


  • Parents need to feel comfortable about leaving their child. This may be their first parting and it could be a very emotional experience for both. If parents can get to know an educator before leaving their child, confidence and trust may be established early and form the basis of a good relationship later on.


  • It has been found that by trusting and feeling secure with a small group of people early in life, children usually make satisfying relationships later on.


  • If a warm relationship flourishes between parents and educators, these feelings can flow over to the children and reinforce their sense of security.


  • Parents should try not to feel upset if their child accepts the new environment readily, but consider it an indication of his/her security, independence and ability to adjust to new situations.


It is important that both parents and educators show respect, sensitivity and understanding to each other’s families, households and needs.